How it all started

My first introduction to “web design” was back in my early 20’s, using FrontPage 98 when I worked for a worldwide software development company. It was a side project as I worked in I.T at the time.  

I quickly got the bug for building websites and soon began building and hosting them for friends and their gaming clan websites. As online gaming and fansites became more popular I received a steady flow of requests to build them for more people and clans.


What happened next?

“A torrent of web design” and “web hosting” businesses appeared out of nowhere, charging hundreds of pounds for sub-standard websites and hosting them on, more often than not,  their own desktop PC’s.  So the website would rarely work, if at all.  But no sooner had you parted with your money, that company would disappear in a flash and your website is gone!

This inspired me to produce a service that was honest, reliable, and scalable so that people, the gaming clans, didn’t waste their hard earned money.  So with my extensive IT experience and continually developed web design skills, this is what I set out to do.

Fast forward some years later

Two giant companies, Endurance International Group (EIG) and GoDaddy began buying up most of the hosting competitors, such as Bluehost, 123Reg, Hostgator to name just a few.  Purely for profit reasons, consumers are fooled into entering into a cheap deal but are then caught out by sharp price increase and very poor performance and support.

If you take out hosting with companies such as Bluehost or 123Reg, you are unlikely to know who really owns the business you have signed up with.  So before you sign up to a hosting company, be sure to check who they are owned by.

Here we are today

Still providing some of the best small business hosting out there with great integrity.  Entirely family owned, we are a private web hosting and design company with a great team behind us. With our passion and excitement at providing you with the exceptional hosting performance you and your business deserve, we are here to stay with our vision to provide a safe and reliable home for your website.

We continuously reinvest in our infrastructure and software to keep your hosting running ahead of your competition.