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Does my business need a website?

You may ask yourself that question, particularly if your small business has been up and running for some time, and is already successful.

Now is the perfect time to invest in a website for your small business.  A website will bring a wide variety of benefits and a lot of which will see a rapid increase in value over the years.

If you are still wondering why you would need one, we have compiled a few of the main benefits that your business will receive from even the most basic of websites.

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Be professional

A website will add more credibility to your business that just having a social media page, such as Facebook. 

Web design

Secure your place in the industry and beat your competition by having a higher quality website, and getting better established in your industry.


Your website can attract more business through Google. With a well optimised website your business will rank highly in results with SEO.

Showcase your business.

By displaying high quality images on your website you can show potential customers eat they will be getting or purchasing when they work with you.

Display reviews

Displaying your testimonials/reviews on your website is really good way to establish your social proof.

Long term success

A website will help to increase your visibility to those search online for a product or service.

Why WordPress is a great choice for you!

web community

As WordPress is open source (freely available) with a vast community it is always kept up to date.

wordpress plugins

There is a huge amount of plugins available which in turn provides almost limitless possibilities to customise a website.

wordpress speed

WordPress performance is fast, and further more it is easy to manage should anyone wish to do this.

website concept

It is very versatile which means any type of website can be built bespoke or using one of the thousands of templates.

How much will my website cost?

This all depends on what you want from your website. There are a number of factors for you to consider.

Many agencies will state that their websites start at around £xxxx.  We quote based on your requirements as we find this to be more accurate and realistic.

We do a 50% upfront deposit.  In some cases we can reduce this to 25%.

For a simple website a Homepage, Services, Contact and About are the standard pages.  Depending on your business needs you may need more. 

How would you like it visually? Do you have high quality images and logo to supply? If we are to find images and design a logo this also features in the cost.

Will you provide or require branding/logo

Ecommerce sites take considerably longer and require more customisation.

Bespoke is starting with a blank canvas and user experience designed by you.  Or you can choose to have something similar to any of our templates or recent projects.

Do you require copywriting or have you got your content ready for us to use?

Included with your website is a staging site.  This is where your website is created, and once approved, pushed to Live.  Any further changes that are made should be carried out on staging first and then pushed to Live when tested, approved and complete.  If you are making changes yourself then we also recommend doing so on the staging site first.

A staging site is also the perfect way to see a prototype of your website, view the design and layout and see its progress.  You will appreciate the true website experience rather than using a wireframe process.

Project kick-off

We discuss your requirements and goals and get the project off to a great start.  We establish your target audience, SEO requirements and, with a mutual understanding the end result.


We will form ideas on the design, user experience and website structure with your requirements in mind until we get everything covered.

Staging site

We will install the staging site and begin to develop the design concept of your new website.


We present the website to you, either by zoom or link and discuss the way of thinking behind our design and to gather your feedback.  We will then make any changes or tweaks to ensure you are completely happy.

Complete build

Following your approval of the concept design we will continue to build your website, creating the remaining pages configuration as required.  The website will then be tested in all modern browsers and mobile.


Once your are 100% happy with your new website we will prepare of Go-Live.  Your website will be migrated to the Live server and SEO completion will take place with your website being submitted to Google for indexing.

Some recent website design projects